Wanton Rogue

wanton rogue


A band of outlaws who call themselves Wanton Rogues have rekindled their love of wreaking havoc around the frontier. Is this the start of our whisky drinker's quest and a last chance to redeem himself or will it just end up with him swinging two feet off the ground?


Old-school point and click user interface you've possibly become familiar with playing Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle or Full Throttle guides you through dangerous landscapes with your trusty revolver, Winchester rifle or a shotgun to offer you defence.
Option to play with a keyboard or a gamepad is also available.
Wanton Rogue offers a good amount of puzzles for you to solve and bad guys to shoot down in order to reach colorful 16-bit-ish wild west scenery filled with the good, the bad and the ugly.
There are wild west towns with full voiced characters, train robberies, eerie gold mines, high speed horse chases and everything you require from your journey through the dusty trails.


Linux, MacOS, Windows


The first location called Waylonville is planned to be released in 2018 and the rest will follow as soon as they're made.

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