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In Sheepwith you fly a Sopwith Camel and try to save your flock of sheep from danger. The object of the game is to get as many sheep as possible back to the pen. Sheep as well as hungry wolves can be picked up and carried so you can use different tactics to reach your goal. You need to save a certain number of sheep before you can advance to the next level.


Now released! Play at Kongregate.

Fast and fun little racing game for 1-8 local players!
Hold button to accelerate (default button is Up arrow). Release to slow down.
The car does all the steering for ya!

F4 to toggle Fullscreen.

Dragon Sings Fire

Dragon Sings Fire

Now released!
Available for Android.
Watch the trailer on YouTube.


In Dragon Sings Fire you are a fierce dragon in pursuit of your runaway hatchling.
Fly through 25 trap filled levels spread across 3 worlds. Master the tricky but intuitive controls and beat all challenges. Sing FIRE!

Long Larry I


Now released! Available for Android and at Kongregate.

Get it on Google Play    Play at Kongregate.

Control Larry and collect as many stars as you can before the time runs out!
Avoid the moving obstacles and master Larry's smooth movements through 15 fun and challenging stages.

Dash 'n Toss

Now released! Play at Kongregate.
In Dash 'n Toss you fight enemies by tossing pieces of soil at them. This is a simple platformer
with multiple stages. You can also play with a friend.

Sumo Simo


Now released! Play at Kongregate.

Sumo Simo is a casual 1-2 player game where you battle against your opponent in a sumo suit.

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